All banquets require a non-refundable deposit, which is due the day the function is booked. For all Wedding Receptions an additional payment of $1,000 is due six months prior to the wedding date. This additional deposit is required to firmly reserve your date. If payment is not received, the initial deposit will be forfeited.

Selection of menus, linen and a tentative guest count should be submitted one month in advance. In addition, we require an attendance guarantee no later than seven (10) days prior to the function date. The patron is responsible for the guaranteed amount or actual, whichever is greater.

Afternoon parties must vacate the premises by 4:00 p.m. Evening parties will be able to reserve the room from 6:00 p.m. until closing.

For all Saturday evening functions, we require a guarantee guest count depending on what room is reserved as well as a minimum on all bar beverages.

In addition to the listed menu prices, an 20% service charge and 8% Rhode Island Sales Tax is added to the final total.

Your baker and florist should deliver your cake and flowers just before service. Example: AM parties arrival 9 to 10 A.M., Evening functions arrival about 5:30 p.m. Doors will open for guests at 6:30 p.m.

Twelve Acres retains the authority to oversee and control all functions. Twelve Acres will not assume responsibility for any damage or loss of any merchandise or articles.

All entertainment proposed by patrons shall be subject to the approval and supervision of Twelve Acres' management, including, but not limited to sound levels.

No pets or coolers are allowed on the premises for outdoor or indoor events.

Food and beverages cannot be brought in or removed from the premises. All food, beverages and liquor must be supplied by Twelve Acres. We regret that State health laws and insurance policies prohibit the removal of any leftover food and beverage from the premises due to the time of exposure and/or the consequences of possible improper storage or handling after the product has left the premises.

RI Law prohibits liquor being brought onto the premises for distribution (example liquor favors). There will be a $200.00 charge if any confetti or rice is thrown at parties.

Final payment is due at least 1 day prior to your function by cash or Cashier's Bank check. There will be a 3% charge for use of a credit card.

Facility fees do apply.

For ceremonies perfomed at Twelve Acres, a $500.00 fee is charged.

For more information and to book your event call 401 231-7799

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